Rug Restoration Jupiter

We are way passed the days of shag wall to wall carpet, especially here in South Florida. Over the last twenty years, we have gone through ceramic tile, wood, marble, terrazzo, concrete and then sometimes back again. Through all our “phases,” one thing usually remains true. We still have our area rugs. We use and sometimes abuse them daily with kids, pets, every day traffic, carpet picnics and parties. Rug Repair Service Jupiter is needed more and more and that is why our family owned business is here.


We not only freshen and soften rugs with our special hand washing process, but we also specialize in Area and Oriental Rug Restoration Jupiter residents sometimes need. Our master repair specialist is on site 5 days a week to take care of tears, bleeds, and rug fringe repair Jupiter.

Let our technician out to your home and qualify your rugs for the what is needed to restore them.

We always offer free pick up and delivery and of course free estimates.

Professional Rug Cleaners in Jupiter

In today’s world, all we have to do is do a search on our tablet, phone or laptop to find a service we want. We can read reviews from anywhere to the best sushi in town to the best Rug Cleaners Jupiter has to offer. We stay on trend with the consumer wants but we do our best to continue on the traditions that make a great rug Cleaning service Jupiter offers.


We stick to that tradition by keeping with the hand washing methods that have been the back bone of the industry farther than any of us can remember. Sure we have updated processes that allow for a little quicker drying times than before, but the quality of the cleaning and the softness of the rug when it is returned back to you is what our customers have definitely come to expect.

Area Rug Cleaners Jupiter offers free pickup and delivery as well as other services besides hand washing. We have master weavers and Rug Fringe Cleaning Jupiter details.

Call us today and learn more about our family owned business!

Rug Cleaning Service West Palm Beach

Do you know when was the last time you did Rug Cleaning Service West Palm Beach? Well, let me rephrase that, do you know when was the last time you had your rugs, any type of rug cleaned? I can tell you that I own and operate a rug cleaning company myself and I still have to give myself a reminder! Its like when they say doctors never go for regular check ups, rug cleaners get so busy taking good care of everyone else’s rug that we sadly can neglect our own!


So if you have already answered the question and you can’t quite recall when you had your rug hand washed, now may be the time. As you may have noticed, I did say ” hand washed.” My father taught me many years ago when he was running this company that if anyone ever tells you that a good method is steam cleaning, then that was obviously a rug that they did not plan on keeping for a very long time. Sure, it can look great right off the bat, it may even look good until its next cleaning. However as may Rug Cleaners West Palm Beach knows that there will come a point when the rug loses shine, may even color bleed or shrink.

We learned from masters on how to take area rug cleaning west palm beach through a delicate and thorough hand washing process so no customer need ever worry that they may have to replace a rug that they love for many reasons because it is just getting too worn. We cannot tell you how to live on your rugs but we can suggest to you how often you should get them cleaned or if your fringe is getting worn from vacuuming we can help fix that too.

Pet Stain Removal Vero Beach

My family and I got our dog Annie about 5 years ago, we rescued Annie when she was 3 from conditions unknown. She was literally sitting in crate in a corner, it was very dark and she is a black furred dog, so there was really no reason to find her. But it was fate, and we did. She has made life in our home that much better and I cannot imagine a time we will not have her.


So, I wanted to tell you this because I understand what it is like to love a pet. About 40% of us have pets in our home. I would say even more than that have some time of rug in their home as well. This rug could not be of sentimental value, but perhaps it cost enough that you want to hang on to it for a long time. Some, however, do have more meaning. So out of the 40 percent, I don’t think I could tell you have many have their pet go to the bathroom on their rug but I can say that out of that, 100% of those pet stain removal Vero Beach customers get frustrated when it happens. Usually when someone calls, the first question is how much is this going to cost. Most of us have this worry, right?

Well, I can tell you that we do our very best to ensure you feel good about using us as your favorite Rug Cleaners Vero Beach has to offer. I never want a customer to feel gauged by an experience with us. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that your rug is in good hands. Removing Pet Urine Vero Beach knows is what what we do. Doing it because we care about our customers (and their cute little furry loved ones) is an added bonus!

Call us today and learn more about our family owned company.

Pet Odor Removal Vero Beach

When you think of your pets and rugs, you may not necessarily think there is always a solution when they have used the rug as their personal toilet. However, at our family owned and operated company, pet odor removal vero beach customers know that is what we specialize in. Getting that horrible smell out of your rug and making it feel fresh and clean again.

We cannot tell you how many of our repeat customers call us time and time again for the same reason. Well sometimes it may be that they simply need rug cleaning vero beach, but when their pet has found their happy place they tend to find it over and over again. We often get the question, once my pet has peed on this rug, what can we do about him or her not peeing on it again. I wish there was a magic formula that would deter them completely, we do have enzymes we spray on the rug to help but we cannot guarantee your pet will never go again.


We understand the frustration of having to clean your rug time and time again for the same reason, so trust me when I tell you we are very fair. We appreciate the fact that pet stain removal vero beach customers trust us and we know that as long as we continue to do what we say we are going to do, we have a loyal customer.

Call us today and learn more about our family run company and we are leaders in the industry.

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Area Rug Cleaning Boca Raton

There are different ways to clean rugs and just about every company you call will tell you their method is the ONLY way. It is truly like saying there is only one way to drive to California. Of course there are many. Enough analogies, area rug cleaning boca raton customers can open a phone book, go on line and ask a friend if they know of any good rug cleaning companies in the area. We have been such a presence in this area for many years that there is a good chance they will tell you us. And when you do the research, as you should, you will be able to see many great videos, genuine before and after pictures of the rugs we clean here in our plant, and read about how this family owned and operated business came to be.

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We don’t claim to have the only way. What we do claim is to have trustworthy service, honest pricing, and a method of cleaning rugs that developed from the philosophies of how rugs were taken care of as far back as when they were crafted. It may be a little old school, and trust me very labor intensive, but it does give amazing results. Rug Cleaners Boca Raton cannot clean a rug without dust beating a rug front and back and hand washing. Of course more goes into than that but those for me are the two main ingredients.

Area Rug Cleaning Boca Raton offers free pick up and delivery and free estimates. Call us today!

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Service in Palm Beach Area

There used to be a little known secret out there many years ago about hand washing rugs. Most people do not think about the skill of oriental rug cleaning palm beach knows. Hand washing rugs dates back centuries and to modern day society can seem so old school that people don’t always consider that the methods are still practiced with new technology even though it is the best way.

Before-After-2Sure, it is very labor intensive and obviously more time consuming than steam cleaning but unlike steaming your rugs, it is thorough and will not cause damage the way steam can by bleeding the dyes or shrinking the rugs. When done properly, your rugs will have longevity and stay soft for many years to come. Rug Cleaners Palm Beach know there is truly not another way. Yes there are now great advances in oriental rug cleaning palm beach has that will speed up drying times by excavating excess water that show great results but you still have to put in the time to lay rugs out and clean them both sides if you want the best results.

At our family owned and operated company, we know the value of the right way. We also do all we can to make it very convenient to our customers by offering free pick up and delivery and timely turn around. Call us today!

Expert Rug Cleaners in Palm Beach

I would much rather be able to spend time in person or on the phone with a customer to explain our state of the art and unique processes when it comes to rug cleaning palm beach. But writing articles and creating content is vital in this day and age because so much of what we as consumers rely on is the good old net! So, you will just have to trust me when I tell you that my company, Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand loves what we do and we feel it shows. From the moment we arrive at a customer’s house we have no doubt that after explaining our hand washing process and level of care we give their rugs, they know they have called the right company.


Rug Cleaners Palm Beach have to go by the first rule when it comes to washing textiles and that is to be able to identify the rug and with experience know how that rug was either manufactured or hand woven. That knowledge makes all the difference when it comes time to he process of cleaning. Damage can be done if steam is used or too much water is saturated and left in a rug for too long causing irreversible bleeding. Knowing whether its all wool, cotton, true silk or many other fibers also makes a big difference.

You need to be able to trust who you are working with no matter what the trade. I pride myself and this family owned and operated company as being one of those rug cleaners palm beach residents can trust.

We offer free pick up and delivery in any area!

Rug Repair Service in Jupiter Area

How long have you had your rug? Has it been so long that you don’t perhaps notice some of the wear and tear that is occurring? Or it could be that you can’t remember what it even looked like before because like many things in your home we cannot imagine what it looked like new. For rugs, the biggest enemy is what you would consider the obvious…the vacuum cleaner and your pet! Vacuums can damage fringes and edges and of course you can only imagine what a puppy or cute little kitty can do when they are learning where is appropriate to relieve themselves and what is a suitable chew toy.


Rug Restoration Jupiter experts in our plant see it all the time and although our masters have extensive knowledge and do all sorts of very detailed repairs most of the repairs are re-fringing. Rug Repair Jupiter look to us for the basic of needs when it comes to their rugs because we can offer quality service in a very cost effective way. Our goal is not to break your piggy bank we are cleaning and repairing your rugs. We want our customers as long as they want to continue preserving their rugs. The better care you take, the easier our job is!

Call us and find out what it is about our family owned and operated company that Rug Repair Jupiter customers trust.

Rug Cleaning Service in Palm Beach Area

Area Rug Cleaning Palm Beach customers know it starts with a simple phone call, and it is when you are ready to having your rugs in your home restored and cleaned. Notice I say restored, because let’s face it, not all of know that rugs should not only be vacuumed to keep clean. I have to admit that before my dad retired and got into the rug cleaning business, I did not know that rugs needed to be hand washed. I grew up in the wall to wall carpet days anyways!

Rug Cleaning Service Palm Beach

So I got of track! When you find out about true hand washing and ways that Rug Cleaning Service Palm Beach maintains values of rugs and keeps them in your home for years, you will never neglect your rug and the cleaning again. Simply vacuuming the rug will take the recent dirt and dust off the rug but there are daily allergens that seep into the deepest part of the fibers of the rug that can only be loosened and released by applying soft water and washing both sides of the rug.

We take our time by looking over each and every rug that comes to us and knowing the right way to handle it to ensure no color bleeding or shrinking happens. You can trust us to take care of your rug.

Call us today. We offer free pick up and delivery.