Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand Boca Raton and Jupiter

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Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand Boca Raton and Jupiter

Oriental rug experts and experienced owners know that the best and most appropriate method of cleaning an Oriental rug is to hand wash it. Any other method could likely cause damage to your precious rug that may not be reversible.

Oriental Rug Cleaning By Hand Boca Raton and Jupiter

We specialize in hand made textiles. We have more than twenty years of rug cleaning experience and are well known in South Florida. Our Oriental rug cleaning and restoration plant is conveniently located near Oakland Park Boulevard and Dixie Highway in Ft Lauderdale. Our highly skilled technicians have had extensive training in the Auserehlian Cleaning System at The Auserahlian School in Berthoud, Colorado. They are well trained to accomplish this unique and world-renowned Oriental rug cleaning system for fine textiles. We have earned valuable rug cleaning certifications to keep up our technical skills to keep us at the top and make us efficient in various types of rug cleaning techniques. We attend rug-cleaning conferences to stay up to date in the industry.

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Hand made oriental rugs are an ancient art which are considered as historical assets from the country's origin. For thousands of years, hand woven rugs were designed to reflect the religious and cultural values of the country. You need highly skilled professionals to preserve these treasures.

Of course, questions come into your mind when you are looking for a professional oriental rug cleaning company.

  • What cleaning method do they use?
  • Do they have expert repairing technicians on staff?
  • Do they employ the "dusting" method to remove dust and debris from your carpet?

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