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“Once I found Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand, I never sought another rug cleaning service provider again. The first time I sent my precious oriental rug to be cleaned, I was a bit hesitant. The oriental rug was soiled by my cats and I didn't know if it would look the same after the cleaning was done. I obviously worried for nothing because my oriental rug looked as good as new when it was delivered. What's better is that the people over at Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand are so nice! They made me feel like I was such a special customer even if it was the first time I hired their services. I really recommend their services to anyone!”

“Shortly before my father died, he gave me an oriental rug as a present. It is one of my favorite possessions, and I must admit that this is the reason why the oriental rug needed restoration in the first place. I placed the oriental rug in the living room, a place where I love to entertain friends and clients. I put it there so I can always see it. Unfortunately, due to foot traffic, my beloved oriental rug now has holes in it and the fringes were frayed. I contacted Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand for their restoration services, and was more than happy with the result. No one would've thought that there used to be holes in my rug!”

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