Rug Washing by Hand

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Rug Washing by Hand

Rugs make their way into our homes and spaces for many reasons. Most often it is just for aesthetics and comfort. You redecorate your home and you search and search for the perfect compliment to accent your room. Or perhaps, you just come across this great deal on a large rug that you just cannot pass up because it is so soft and comfortable to walk on. The more interesting of tales of how the rug came to be are the ones that have had the rugs passed down from generation to generation or were bought in the back mountains of a far off region. Those rugs become part of your life because they tell a story.

Regardless, most of us have rugs and most of us have heard that the best method to take care of the rugs are Rug Washing by Hand. Our company staff including myself from my own father are trained in ways that go beyond what carpet cleaning services are able to provide. Steam Cleaning is a quick and easy method to topically clean a rug and make you feel you have a fresh new rug again. For a certain rug, this method may not be a problem. For others such as rug with deep pile or colorful vegetable die rugs, wool rugs, the only thing we do at Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand is Rug Washing by Hand. That is why we named the company what it is.

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So when you are searching on the internet or the yellow pages, you know right away what service you are getting.

Rug Washing by Hand is labor intensive because it takes two people, sometimes more to pick the rugs up, lay them out and flip them once one side has been scrubbed. The steps after are not much easier but the results are amazing. We have seen eyes widen and jaws dropped literally when the rug is returned vibrant, fluffy and smelling fresh. We can also offer Guaranteed Odor Removal as well..

Rug Special Drying Process

Rug Special Drying Process

Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand puts as much importance to the drying process as the dusting, washing and rinsing. We do not clean the oriental rugs meticulously only to dry them haphazardly. When it comes to oriental rug cleaning...

Rug Soft Water Rinse

Soft Water Rinse

Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand, we do a soft water rinse after dusting and hand washing. In the first two steps of oriental rug cleaning, the dust, dirt, stains and contaminants are removed; what will be left in the oriental rug after is the dirty water...

Rug Fringe Cleaning

Rug Fringe Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning by Hand completes the cleaning process with fringe cleaning, which is done after the oriental rug is completely dry. The fringes seem insignificant, but it is also an important part of the rug. Therefore, it must be cleaned and groomed too...

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